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Collective Digital Studio MCN Teams With Seven New YouTuber Partners

In one day, Collective Digital Studio (CDS) has added more than 100 million monthly views to its multi-channel network. The self-described...


FPSRussia Is The Latest YouTube Creator With His Own Iphone Game

YouTube's most popular firearms enthusiast has expanded to a second medium. FPSRussia creator Kyle Myers has released FPS Russia: The...


Call Of Duty Gamer xJawz Tearfully Eulogizes FPSRussia’s Keith Ratliff

YouTube gamer xJawz, best known for his Call of Duty gameplay videos, has released a video offering an emotional remembrance of FPSRussia...


FPSRussia Manager Keith Ratliff Found Dead In Suspected Murder [UPDATED]

Keith Ratliff, who served as the manager of the popular FPSRussia YouTube channel, has died. The 32 year-old Ratliff was found dead of a...

Quick Clicks: Rebecca Black Un-Auto-Tuned, ‘Yam Roll’, YouTube View Counts, ‘Epic Meal Time’ w/ FPSRussia

It's been a little while since we've done a Quick Clicks, our round-up of online video news of the day. Thanks to a few readers for...

FPSRussia Breaks 1 Million YouTube Subscribers, Blows Things Up

Kyle Myers is a young adult with a natural Southern twang, a bad fake Russian accent, an affinity for video games having to do with modern...

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