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Top 100 Most Viewed YouTube Gaming Channels Worldwide • September 2014

It's time for another monthly installment of our Tubefilter Top 100 Most Viewed YouTube Gaming Channels Chart and PewDiePie is still on...


Must-Watch Music Videos: Brooklyn Shanti’s ‘Feeling’ Makes You Miss Summer

It's been fall for less than a month, but it's still not too early or late to reminisce about summer. And hopefully you have a running...


Homestar Runner Releases A New Video And It’s Now Your #1 Jam

Homestar Runner is kinda sorta back. The OG online video series about a ragtag group of flash animations that brothers Mike and Matt...


On YouTube, NBC’s Fall Trailers Top Other Network TV Channels

As we saw recently with Destiny, a sparkling trailer can generate serious buzz for an upcoming release. TV networks understand that...


Top 100 Most Viewed YouTube Gaming Channels Worldwide • August 2014

Once again, it's no surprise that Felix Kjellberg's PewDiePie channel kept its spot at the top of the Gaming charts this month. But what...


Led By A YouTube Trailer, ‘Destiny’ Totals $500 Million In First Day

Activision just learned how profitable a well-made YouTube trailer can be. Six days after it launched an official, theater-style preview...


Loot Crate Adds ‘Firefly’ Fan Film To Its Latest Gift Box

Since its launch, Loot Crate has nerds of the world provided monthly gift boxes related to specific franchises. The company's latest box...

YouTube Prankster Pretends He's Homeless, Gives Back To Givers by Bree Brouwer of Tubefilter

YouTube Prankster Pretends He’s Homeless, Gives Back To Givers

Sometimes, even pranksters get tired of “real” pranks and look for a twist on the old tradition. That’s what BigDawsTv did when he...


FiveThirtyEight Gets Docu-Series Modeled After “30 For 30 Shorts”

Earlier this year, statistician Nate Silver teamed with ESPN to launch a new home for his blog, FiveThirtyEight. The home of Silver's...


“Mutant Giant Spider Dog” Takes The Prank Video To New Heights

The biggest prank video of the year has arrived from Eastern Europe, and it is taking YouTube by storm. "Mutant Giant Spider Dog", which...

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