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Comedy Central’s New Web Series Follows Dormtainment’s Memorable Night

Recently, CC:Studios has rolled out new web series at an increased pace. The latest offering from Comedy Central's digital arm is Six Guys...


UK Study: 6% Of Respondents Damage Homes After Following Internet DIY Advice

If you're doing work around the house and need to learn how to accomplish a particular task, YouTube has you covered. DIY videos on the...


YouTube Creators Enter World Of Panem To Promote ‘Hunger Games’ Sequel

On November 20th, Katniss Everdeen will reintroduce herself to moviegoers with the release of Mockingjay - Part 1, the latest film in the...


Will Snapchat’s New Ads Attract A Larger Creative Community?

Over the weekend, Snapchat ran its first ad. In an introductory blog post, the messaging service explained the ads won't be "creepy and...


Olga Kay Is The Latest YouTuber With Her Own App

For YouTubers, mobile apps represent a powerful off-YouTube platform that caters to increasingly mobile audiences. As a result, many of the...


Indie Spotlight: ‘Slash/Up’ Pits Sarah Connor Against Jason Voorhees

The hypothetical matchup between pop culture warriors has powered TV shows, YouTube channels, and an endless number of nerdy arguments....


Elliott Morgan’s Mental Floss Web Series Debunks Common Misconceptions

After building its YouTube channel around a flagship program hosted by John Green and then expanding its reach through a separate program...


Canadian Film Centre, CBC Launch Workshop To Bring YouTubers To TV

On October 16th, the second annual Buffer Festival began in Toronto. For the first time, the north-of-the-border YouTube showcase began...


FameBit’s Branded Videos Paid Out $500,000 To Creators In September

YouTubers and brands continue to be eager to work together, and companies like FameBit continue to facilitate that marriage. After...


Season Three Of ‘Lilyhammer’ Will Arrive On Netflix On November 21st

Crime drama Lilyhammer was the first original program ever distributed exclusively by Netflix, but it doesn't get the same sort of acclaim...

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