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‘Parent News With Fred Willard’ Should Become A Full Series

With the help of a well-known Hollywood actor, parents may start understanding a little better. The clever Funny or Die video of the moment...


Huey Lewis And Weird Al Parody ‘American Psycho’ On Funny Or Die

Watch out, Freddie Wong: You've got company in the 'parodying American Psycho' department. Huey Lewis of Huey Lewis and the News, whose...


Funny or Die, Now With 5 Million Twitter Followers, To Produce Films

Will Ferrell and Adam McKay's Funny or Die recently celebrated its five millionth Twitter follower, and the online video portal is ringing...


Bottoms Up! ‘Drunk History’ To Become A Comedy Central Series

Raise your glasses, online video fans! Another highly regarded web series is joining the wave of Internet offerings headed to the TV. Funny...


Samuel L Jackson And Anne Hathaway Are Sad On Funny Or Die

This time of year, the world seems to happy. Cute animals frolic in the snow, families huddle by the fire in their matching sweaters, and a...


Don Cheadle’s Evil Captain Planet Returns In Tree-Making Web Series

The first time Don Cheadle donned the signature suit of Captain Planet, we knew it was going to be special. The resulting Don Cheadle Is...


New Funny Or Die Series Explores Comedy Stars’ Home Movies

Will Ferrell's pitch-perfect impersonation of Inside the Actor Studio host James Lipton has set the bar high for parodies of actor...


‘Average Joe’ Brings Judd Apatow-Style Buddy Comedy To Funny Or Die

Joe Flanders, who sports tousled hair and a soft, passive voice, seems tailor-made to play the lead role in a Judd Apatow production. As...


Terry Crews And Mike Judge Bring ‘Idiocracy’ President To Funny Or Die

If you think our political situation is bad now, keep in mind that it could be much worse in the future. Director Mike Judge's ridiculous...


‘Parks and Recreation’ Stars Join Harris Wittels In ‘Humblebrag’ Promo

We've all had to deal with humblebraggarts in our daily lives; they're those pesky friends who complain about how awkward they looked when...

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