High-heeled shoes make great footwear for any fashionable lady, but a new campaign from Nine West shows how heels are handy around the house, too. The fashion retailer has enlisted YouTubers Jack Vale and Brittani Louise Taylor for a branded video portraying the many uses for pumps, including back scratcher, plant pot, and meat tenderizer.

The video stars the top prankster and the versatile parody performer as a 50s couple on Christmas morning. Vale’s husband character is initially dismayed to learn he has received a pair of pumps under the tree, but he quickly turns his frown upside down across a variety of bonus videos showing the shoes as fetch toys, cereal bowls, table shims, and much more.

In addition to its status as a brilliant ad for Nine West shoes, the series of bonus videos are pretty consistently funny. Vale and Taylor pull off the Valium-induced 50s sheen well, so you’ll enjoy their work here if you were a fan of Laura Linney’s character in The Truman Show.

Nine West has previously worked on branded campaigns with Stylehaul for its YouTube channel, which is a little more than a year old but has nearly six million views to its credit. With thoughtful campaigns like this one, 9W is proving that it understands well the YouTube audience. Plus, as a guy, I never knew I could get so much use out of a pair of high-heels. At the same time, I implore my fellow men to not use their wives’ shoes as cereal bowls. That’s kinda gross.