Collin Cunningham gained some notability on YouTube thanks to his series on the MAKE Magazine channel, where he gave tutorials on how to construct various electronic parts. A second series where he “shares his adventures in science, sound, and electronics” continued his online video success. Now, Cunningham is back for a third go-round, but he’s got a new target for his engineering acumen: children. Cunningham is one of the creative forces behind Circuit Playground, a web series that teaches kids about science with the help of some colorful puppets.

Circuit Playground, which is hosted on the YouTube channel of electronics company Adafruit, is based off a children’s comic book of the same name, which allowed kids to color in science concepts. The web series uses a similar lettering motif, with the first episode, ‘A is for Ampere’, discussing electric current. Cunningham shows up as Andre-Marie Ampere himself and gives a spirited performance for the kiddies.

There may only be room for one kid-friendly science show in my heart, but for a new generation, Circuit Playground is light-hearted and informational.