In December, YouTube opened up its most recent YouTube Next competition and searched for 15 innovative how-to video creators at whom it could throw money. The winners have been revealed, as an eclectic collection of pianists, knitters, and soccer players will each collect $4,000 in production equipment along with free marketing assistance.

The fifteen chosen creators are:

  • BeforeAndAfterTV, which features beauty, style, decor, and fashion guides through the eyes of a likable mom.
  • BikeManForU, which shows viewers how to repair bikes and trick them out.
  • ButlerCollision, which sounds like a channel featuring battles between Alfred and Wadsworth but actually teaches us how to repair our cars.
  • CartoonBlock, which instructs viewers how to draw their favorite Eastern and Western cartoon characters.
  • CrazyRussianHacker, featuring life hacks from an actual Russian instead of a guy putting on a fake accentt.
  • jraciti1, which teaches piano using a bird’s eye view of the keys
  • KennyChumsky, one of the rare places where someone telling you how you can make money off the Internet is NOT a spambot.
  • meliney, which teaches viewers how to pimp their fingernails.
  • MyCupcakeAddiction, which shows off advanced baking maneuvers and is also eligible for this month’s On The Rise contest. I guess the YouTube staff really likes cupcakes.
  • NaturesKnockout, which brings a green spin to style, beauty, and fashion.
  • OnlineSoccerAcademy, which gives viewers tips for getting fit and playing the beautiful game.
  • RachelsEnglish, an invaluable resource that helps non-native speakers become truly fluent.
  • Tjw1963, whose channel title–Crochet Geek–tells you everything you need to know.
  • VeryPinkKnits, which offers knitting tutorials. This craft is totally different from the crocheting how-to channel above, as I learned five minutes ago.
  • YourHowToDo, which focuses on the seemingly incongruous combination of soccer dribbling and pen tapping. Hey, why not.

Congratulations to all of the chosen Gurus!