Happy New Year! Hopefully you have already digested Tubefilter’s rock solid predictions for the new year, since every single one is bound to happen. The first day of 2013 is a time for hope, when it’s easy to believe you can do anything if you set your mind to it. In order to save time, PBS Idea Channel has released a short episode informing all potential resolvers the exact reason why their plans will go south.

In the episode, host Mike Rugnetta crafts a clever argument using his usual eclectic mix of sources. This time around, his references range from psychology professor Roy Baumeister to Homer Simpson. Luckily for us, Rugnetta proposes a clear solution, imploring us to tackle just one resolution rather than taking on a whole list of them at once.

Even in a short form, Idea Channel is nothing short of superb. My love for the series is well-documented, but just in case we need one more official statement, let me make it clear: PBS Idea Channel is 100% worth your time (especially since Rugnetta ditched his hideous handlebar moustache for a more pleasant bearded look). If I’m ever stranded on a desert island, and I can only bring five YouTube channels, Idea Channel is coming with me; and while I’m there, it will probably do a good job of explaining how my situation is a metaphor for Adventure Time or D&D or some other nerdy Internet pursuit.

Idea Channel will restart full-length episodes next week. I hope you’ve all resolved to add it to your subscription list.