Now that Nicole Richie’s a full-time baby mama, Paris Hilton is left sans best friend. Not to waste a photo op, the 27-year-old hotel heiress is starting her own reality series in order to find one. I Wanna Be Paris’ New Best Friend! will begin shooting in May to air on MTV later this year, and have contestants “live in a house together and compete in a series of competitions that will simulate life as a celebrity’s best friend.” I assume that’ll include DUI field tests ad DP work, but I digresss…

Execs will cast most of the 20 contestants but a few spots of wannabe celebrity will go to those with the best profiles and most votes at Chocolate Rain sensation Tay Zonday has a profile. He’s currently in third place.

Not sure if he’s met all the requirements of the eight-week contest, but don’t concern yourself with that just yet. This man needs some votes.

Zonday’s a stubborn intellectual, a Martian, a doctoral student of American Studies who found happenstance, internet-famo relevance through his baritone voice, baby face, enigmatic lyrics, and a poppy, synth sound. Giving him the opportunity to be Paris’ BFF could be the most awesome collision of pop culture ever.

If teh internets can Rickroll the New York Mets, I think getting Tay Zonday on MTV shouldn’t be a problem. Plus, this BenjyBenjy guy in first place looks soooooooo not entertaining.

Tay’s only a couple hundred thousand votes behind, so vote here, and vote often.

Big whattup to Jay Dubs for the tip.